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The Grassy Narrows & Islington Bands Mercury Disability Board

Community Messages

Message from the Mercury Disability Board

Please note that the message from the Board is updated at the end of each fiscal year to provide current information on the Board.

From 2020/2021 Annual Report: 

“The 2020/21 fiscal year was one of both challenge and an exciting opportunity for the Mercury Disability Board.  Just as with every sector, the work of the Mercury Disability Board was deeply impacted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Due to health restrictions and lockdowns, several assessment clinics were cancelled, leaving us with the list of 108 adults and 49 children awaiting assessment.

On an exciting note, an Expert Panel was convened in February 2019 to review the existing medical process for the determination of eligibility for benefits.  After many months of study and community consultations, the final report from the Expert Panel was received in February 2021.  The report concluded with 51 high level recommendations for implementation to bring the assessment process up to best practices and to ensure it serves the community members in a meaningful and impactful way.  The MDB is excited to be a pert of this new process and to be working with the leadership, technical teams, and community members of Grassy Narrows and Wabaseemoong to make this happen quickly.  (see www.mercurydisabilityboard.com for the full copy of the Expert Panel report)

Thanks to the Board physician reps Dr. Lisa Monkman and Dr. Sara Goulet; the Board community reps Aaron Kokopenace for Grassy Narrows and Gloria Paishk for Wabaseemoong; Rita Lemick the Canada rep and Tali Chernin the Ontario rep for their continuous service throughout the year.

Tara Letwiniuk, MDB Chair

Message from the former Chief of Wabaseemoong Independent Nations

The website will give community members living both in the community and off reserve, visitors and visiting workers to the community and the general public the ability to learn more about the history of the contamination of the river systems, the negotiation process, the development of the Mercury Disability Board and Mercury Disability Fund and how the Board operates.

Historical community information around the contamination and its effect on the communities can be found under the Affected Communities link.  The FAQ section answers many questions asked by community members around processing claims, hair and blood sample usage and how to speak to the Board in person.

I recommend taking the time to look around the site to learn more about the mercury contamination issue still facing the communities.

(Former) Chief Eric Fisher, Wabaseemoong Independent Nations