High Mercury Content
The Grassy Narrows & Islington Bands Mercury Disability Board

Benefit Entitlement

Claimants that scored six points or more during the clinical assessment were entitled to receive benefits.

The amount of the benefit award for adults begins at $250.00. This is based on 6 points. Each point above that number entitles the claimant to $50.00 more per month to a maximum of 16 points, that is, $800.00 per month.

The minimum entitlement score for children was originally 8 points. The benefit award started at $400.00 per month. It went up by $200.00 for each 2 point increase to a limit of $800.00 per month (8 points). In 1999, pediatric neurologists revised the children’s protocol and grading guidelines. Details can be found the Cosway Report.

Monthly benefit amounts are now indexed to inflation on April 1st of each year according to the Consumer Price Index of Canada

The report states that a developing fetus and children after birth are most likely to be harmed by mercury poisoning. Some children do not show symptoms of this disease until they begin to walk and talk. Signs to be aware of include lack of co-ordination, e.g. stumbling, mental retardation, inability to move, seizures, muscle weakness, and inability to speak, to name a few.

Adults experience effects such as changes in ability to feel cold and heat, inability to walk, tremors, convulsions and even death in serious cases.